Bath Mat – white 28″x 16″


Bath Mat – white 28″x 16″


Having the proper bath mat can keep you safe and standing.

This rubber bath mat provides a slip-resistant, safe surface while showering or bathing. Hundreds of suction cups secure the white bath mat to the bottom of the tub, preventing it from coming undone. The nonslip bath mat has a 16″ x 28″ surface making it a perfect fit for most showers and tubs. It pairs perfectly with any shower chair or transfer bench.

  • Provides a slip-resistant surface. The bathroom is the most dangerous room in any house. Slip-resistant bath mats provide a safe and secure surface when bathing.
  • Stays in place via hundreds of suction cups.Unsecure bath mats can pose a fall risk in showers. The sections cups help keep the safety bath mat safe, secure, and from coming undone.
  • Fits in most tubs and showers. The 16″ x 28″ bath mat with suction cups offers a universal bath safety solution for any bathroom.



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