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Cloud PR-510 with MaxiComfort


  • NEW “LifeTime Warranty” on Brisa fabrics!

  • MaxiComfort Zero Gravity Positioning

  • Hybrid Seat Sizes

  • Seat and chaise pad cradle your body

  • Auto Flex Lumbar Support option available


The Golden Tech Cloud with MaxiComfort lift chair features Golden’s unique Zero Gravity positioning and is an extremely comfortable chair. The Zero Gravity positioning was developed by NASA and Golden has incorporated it into their MaxiComfort line of chairs. The seat raises at the same time the chair reclines to stretch your lower back and you can also recline far enough so that your feet are above your heart to reduce swelling in your legs, ankles and feet. This position is great for anyone with lower back pain and circulatory issues.

What Makes This Different
You won’t find a more comfortable and rejuvenating chair!  The hybrid sized chair features over-stuffed biscuit back, unique chaise pad, and expansive armrests surround you in style. The Cloud with MaxiComfort chair also provides the ultimate stretch of your entire back, called the Trendelenburg position. This position raises one’s feet above the head to increase blood flow which can be therapeutic for circulatory conditions.

All MaxiComfort chairs from Golden feature one-of-a-kind programmable hand controls, allowing you to save your favorite position for later. Each chair comes with a pre-programmed position that you can change to fit to your comfort.


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