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Orion PR-405 with Twilight

  • Twilight positioning helps reduce spinal muscle fatigue
  • NEW “Lifetime Warranty” on Brisa fabrics!
  • Innovative design cradles you with Twilight positioning
  • Programmable hand control saves up to 2 positions
  • Dual motors for ease of movement


Achieve the ultimate in relaxation with the Orion PR-405 with Twilight. This unique lift chair is the only one of its kind, equipped with Golden Technologies’ Twilight technology. Twilight technology guides your body to a weight-neutral state of relaxation, cradling your body in each of the chair’s standard positions. This new technology adds two positions – “rejuv” and “Lounge” – to this 3-position lift chair. The “rejuv” position raises your knees above your heart, increasing circulation and helping to minimize swelling and edema. In the “Lounge” position, the chair gently cups your body so you feel weightless and comfortable.

The Orion PR-405 features a programmable hand control that can save up to two favorite positions so you can return to them quickly and easily. Dual motors make for easy, smooth movement, and the 375-pound weight capacity means this chair is a great choice for many. The split seam back is both attractive and comfortable, and you can choose from six different Brisa fabric options, all of which are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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