Reusable Underpad 17x24inch



The Reusable Underpad keeps surfaces clean, comfortable, and convenient. The Ultra Underpad is perfect for beds, chairs, and cars.

  • KEEP YOUR BED & SURFACES DRY AND SKIN PROTECTED with the best in underpads. NOVA’s premium quality fabric innovation is so soft and comfortable on the skin while keeping the bed or overlay surface area dry, clean and protected. Great for the entire family – kids, adults and pets.
  • 100% COTTON TOP LAYER is the softest on your skin making it more comfortable to rest and sleep.
  • HIGH ABSORBENCY & WATERPROOF. Below the 100% Cotton Top layer is the middle soaker layer with a high absorbency polyester/rayon blend. The bottom layer is a durable vinyl waterproof, no-leak barrier.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE UP TO 300 TIMES. High quality and durable construction make this underpad overlay long lasting with up to 300 washes.
  • MACHINE WASH & DRY in normal settings.


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