Inflatable Leg Rest Pillow


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Providing a portable support solution, the Xtra-Comfort inflatable leg rest pillow comfortably supports the legs, knees and feet at the optimal angle to relieve discomfort, stiffness, swelling and fatigue. The generously sized inflatable leg elevation cushion is easy to inflate with the included inflation assist bag and features a push-button deflation valve for customizing the level of firmness and quick deflation for storage and travel. Easy to clean, the sturdy inflatable leg rest also includes a soft pillow cover that is removable and machine washable. 


  • Elevated Leg Support
    Providing comfortable support for the legs, knees, feet and ankles, the Xtra-Comfort inflatable leg rest pillow cushions and elevates the lower legs to relieve fatigue and discomfort and promote increased circulation. The inflatable leg elevation pillow is generously wide to accommodate both legs, relieving pressure on the hips and lower back. 
  • Easy to Inflate
    Our durable travel leg elevation pillow is easy to inflate with the included inflation-assist bag, eliminating the need for bulky air pumps. A push-button deflation valve quickly deflates the elevating leg rest cushion and also allows you to easily adjust the firmness for maximum comfort. The inflatable design is perfect for travel, packing into a small carry bag for easily tossing in a suitcase or carry-on tote.
  • Comfortable Incline and Elevation
    Providing 45 degrees of incline, the inflatable leg rest supports the entire leg for optimal rest, easing fatigue, soreness and swelling. The portable leg wedge pillow measures 22.83” by 20.07” by 8.66” for use while lying down or seated. 
  • Soft Easy Care Cover
    The Xtra-Comfort inflatable leg rest pillow includes an exceptionally soft pillow cover. Easily removable, the pillow cover is secured with a hidden zipper and is machine washable for easy cleaning. 
  • Vive Guarantee
    60 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.


  • What’s Included:
    • Inflation Bag
    • Inflatable Pillow
    • Pillow Case
    • Patch Kit
    • travel carry bag
  • Color(s): Gray (Pantone dark gray – 430u)
  • Product Dimensions:
    • Leg Rest Pillow: 580 x 510 x 220mm (22.83” x 20.07” x 8.66”)
    • Inflation bag: 680 x 360mm (26.77” x 14.17”)
  • Product Weight:  0.63kgs (1.4lbs)
  • Product Material(s):
    • Pillow cover(100% polyester)
    • Pillow(PVC Flocking)
  • Latex free: Yes
  • Care: 
    • Pillow Case- Machine wash with cold water and mild detergent, tumble dry on low.
    • Inflatable Pillow- Spot clean with damp rag and alcohol, and dry well before use.


  • Push-button deflation valve
  • Zippered Cover – machine washable
  • Patch kit included sealing any punctures/leaks
  • 6-8 Pumps to fully inflate


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