Manual Hydraulic Patient Lift 6-Point Cradle




Manual Hydraulic Patient Lift is a solid cost-effective alternative to its power electric counterparts. The lift uses a set of lever systems for proper operation and has a six-point cradle system that works with basic or strap style slings. The hydraulic lift is able to safely and easily transport patients from a bed, bath, chair, commode or even the floor and place them in a safe environment to any area needed.


Manual Hydraulic Patient Lift 6-Point Cradle

  • Elevating hydraulic lift for patient transportation
  • Hydraulic lift moves patient slowly and safely
  • No power lines or batteries required, works without electricity
  • Base opens with an easy hand lever for better positioning options over commodes and chairs
  • 6-point cradle type – which allows you to use basic sling or strap style slings, 4-point slings and 6-point slings
  • The ability to spread the sling out to four or six points creates a safer & more comfortable user experience
  • Fully padded sling comfortably accommodates users from 140 – 260 pounds
  • extended reach can pick a patient up from the floor which is a great feature in an economy-friendly lift
  • Lift Easily Supports up to 400 Pounds
  • Rear casters lock securing unit in-place


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